Mikołaj Trzaska Ircha Clarinet Quartet - Black Bones
SHOFAR - HA-Huncvot
Mikołaj Trzaska Ircha Clarinet Quartet - Zikaron - Lefanay
Remont Pomp - Złota Platyna
Asunder Trio - The Lamp
Ircha - Mikołaj Trzaska Clarinet Quartet - Watching Edvard
Inner Ear - Breathing Steam
Reed Trio - Last Train To The First Station
Szwelnik / Trzaska - DON'T LEAVE US HOME ALONE
Mikołaj Trzaska - Dom zły/Dark House
Bauer / Brotzmann / Trzaska - Goosetalk
Trzaska / Gasser / Zerang - Nadir & Mahora
Horny Trees
Rogiński / Trzaska / Moretti - Shofar
Mikołaj Trzaska - Kantry
Trzaska / Friis / Uuskyla - Orangeada
North Quartet - Malamute
Trzaska / Wirkus - Noc
Andruchowycz / Trzaska - Andruchoid
Trzaska / Friis / Uuskyla - Unforgiven north
Moretti / Wirkus - na baterie
Mikołaj Trzaska - Danziger Strassenmusik
Ole¶/Trzaska/Ole¶ - La SKETCH up
Tomasz Gwinciński & NonLinear Ensamble - The Moon Music
Ole¶/Trzaska/Ole¶ - Mikro muzik
ŁÓD¬ KALISKA - concert
Mikołaj Trzaska - Pieszo

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  Tomasz Gwinciński & NonLinear Ensamble - The Moon Music

1. Fool Moon December 2000
2. Fool Moon January 2001
3. Fool Moon February 2001
4. Fool Moon March 2001 - MP3
5. Fool Moon April 2001
6. Fool Moon May 2001
7. Fool Moon June 2001
8. Fool Moon July 2001
9. Fool Moon August 2001 - MP3
10. Fool Moon September 2001
11. Fool Moon October 2001
11. Fool Moon October 2001

The NonLinear Ensamble are:
+ Łukasz Górewicz - violin
+ Tomasz Pawlicki - flute
+ St. Weil - piano
+ Jakub Suchar - drums, keyboard
+ Elzbieta Macierewicz - vocal
+ Myra Ridinger - cello

Recorded at Radio Pik Studio & 21 th. Street N.Y.
Engineer - Michał Czerw
Produced by Gwincinski - Górewicz - Czerw

Tomasz Gwinciński started his scientific career studying medicine and philosophy. Currently he studies composition with Professor B. Schaeffer. The leader of Maestro Trytony ("Enoptronia") and NonLinear Ensamble ("Clever Nonsense"). Also plays with Gwinciński-Richter-Skolik, Łoskot, Arhytmic Perfection. Composed music for film and theatre (Studio Teatralne Dwójki, Teatr Stary in Krakow, Gałuszko, etc.).


"Kilogram Records continue their run of luck begun with a great record by the Ole¶/Trzaska/Ole¶ Trio, both as far as content and publishing. This time they reached for the music by Tomasz Gwinciński, famous as the leader of Trytony, a band crucial for the yass scene. It is virtually hard to believe that such records are put out in Poland nowadays. "The Moon Music" is so far the most complete development of strictly composer path of Gwinciński, a continuation of evolution shown on albums recorded with Maestro Trytony and "Indoor Games" created with Non Linear Ensemble - which, in different set - ups accompanies the composer here. The collection of miniatures recorded during subsequent 11 Fool Moons in 2000-2001 brings a sophisticated contemporary chamber music in all possible shades and colors. From ethereal themes for flute and string trio to minimal drones. Collages describing an absurd poem and a ping pong game between a composer and the performing artist are the most intriguing here."

Rafał Ksi±żyk, Antena krzyku (2/2003)

"In "The Moon Music" the artist contained compositions different from the ones from his previous record. Here the music is more contemplated and directed towards areas even further away from jazz. Slowly developed themes have no climax but merely sketches of the future denouements. They are slow tales of the moon. Told with no haste, they cause a sensation of awaiting and suspension. Bringing minimal music to mind, together they create their own sonic world. They have features of illustrations but their extraordinary character calls for ethereal mood. This time the strings dominate, which makes the music especially dignified. The unique character of the records is its great advantage."

Grzegorz Mucha, Jazz&Classics (December 2003-January 2004)