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annelealo  [24.01.2012   5:13:42]
Good evening! Happy New Year! Health, luck and love!

john obrien  [28.12.2011   8:42:51   27-33-98-154.static.tpgi.com.au]
hello,i have been just sent the cd.'last train to the first station".would it be possible to get any other cd's from your label.for broadcast here in australia?....regards,john obrien jazz producer/presenter

avairumn  [22.12.2011   21:10:36]

Dablemarianne  [4.08.2011   22:39:36]
best for you for more for less

diotdespile  [19.02.2011   18:13:50]
hi, new to the site, thanks.

Laullykeply  [15.01.2011   14:14:54]
I just want to say Hi to Everyone!

Taran's Free Jazz Hour  [6.12.2010   23:51:39   180.0.98-84.rev.gaoland.net]
hi guys, just discovered your fantastic label and wanted to inform you of my radio show, the baddest show on free jazz and improvised music, broadcast in france, uk and lithuania: www.taransfreejazzhour.com best regards,taran