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Details In The Air

1. Departure Of The Birds
2. Radio Waltz
3. Field Of Cane
4. Sand
5. The Taste Of Paper
6. Below A Frozen Bridge
7. Sees Seas Seize
8. Another Broken Bench
9. Calling From A Wooden Phone
10. Leather Static

Michał Górczyński – clarinet Bb, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet
Mikołaj Trzaska – alto, bariton saxophones & bass clarinet
Ken Vandermark – clarinet Bb & tenor saxophone (Twenty First Mobile Music/ASCAP-Cien Fuegos)

All compositions by Górczyński/Trzaska/Vandermark
Recording by Jan Galbas in Highwave Studio / Gdynia, 26 February 2018
Mixing and mastering by Jan Galbas