Details In The Air – Open Containers

Open Containers

  1. Departure Of The Birds
  2. Radio Waltz
  3. Field Of Cane
  4. Sand
  5. The Taste Of Paper
  6. Below A Frozen Bridge
  7. Sees Seas Seize
  8. Another Broken Bench
  9. Calling From A Wooden Phone
  10. Leather Static

Michał Górczyński – clarinet Bb, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet
Mikołaj Trzaska – alto, bariton saxophones & bass clarinet
Ken Vandermark – clarinet Bb & tenor saxophone (Twenty First Mobile Music/ASCAP-Cien Fuegos)

All compositions by Górczyński/Trzaska/Vandermark
Recording by Jan Galbas in Highwave Studio / Gdynia, 26 February 2018
Mixing and mastering by Jan Galbas


Maciej Lewenstein

* Open Containers; Details in the Air Kilogram
Records 036 1kg Mikolaj Mikołaj Trzaska (as, bs, bcl); Michal Gorczynskiski (Bbemol cl, bcl, contrabass cl); Ken Vandermark (B[ cl, ts). February 2018. Ircha trio upgraded to international level and the explicite use of saxophones. Exquisite record, showing again that Trzaska, Górczynski and Vandermark play in the same league. There are three very different musicians here: there is Ken Vandermark, with his free-jazz free-punk approach, there is Mikołaj Trzaska with his version of free jazz combined with Slavonic drama and sad reflection, and there is Michal Górczynski with his free improvised folk and Jewish klezmer roots. The results of this superposition/mixture are spectacular! The set starts with a wonderful collective improvisation „Departure of the Birds”. The second „Radio Waltz” is a minimalist tune with long sounds and phrases played in the rst half, and with more open fragmented triologues in the second. „Field of Cane” has a fantastic lines of the contrabass clarinet. „Sand” is another slow, ballad like track. Again, the work of bass and contrabass clarinets is here spectacular. „Another Broken Bench” is a track with a great theme, remaining me of some songs of the World Saxophone Quartet. In contrast, „Detail in the Air – Below a Frozen Bridge” is very different. It is a fragmented track led by the clarinet, and organized around a complex theme and collective clarinets improvisations. „Sees Seas Seize” is also a fragmented tune, but in a sense more coherent. I dig „Leather Static” for its amazing collective reading of the main theme. „The Taste of Paper” is a hymn-ballad, on which the clarinets behave like a one coherent organism. The set closes with „Calling from a Wooden Phone”, another masterpiece of triologue. Difficult and complex record. but clearly extremely interesting for any possible fan of this kind of music. Mikołaj Trzaska is there, once more!!!


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